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Workload case-studies

In the best schools we visit, senior leaders take workload reduction very seriously. They do this not only because it’s the solution to recruitment and retention, but because it’s the key to a happy and successful workforce.

One of the problems senior leaders face is knowing exactly what causes the workload stress and anxiety. Marking and assessment is likely to be one the key causes, but there may be other organisational or cultural pressures that senior leaders have not considered.

Teachers and other school staff often feel reticent to explain to leaders what it is that causes stress. They feel they may be judged, reprimanded or blamed. Workload case studies are a way of senior leaders really finding out how their staff feel, but doing so in a way that allows everyone to speak their mind without fear. A workload case-study is a piece of small-scale research culminating in a report of recommendations that is presented to senior leaders.

During a workload case study, one of our associates visits your school and speaks to as many members of staff as possible within the agreed time frame (usually 1 – 3 days depending on the size of the sample).

The interviews are anonymous and usually last up to twenty minutes. They begin with an explanation of the code of ethics (from the British Educational Research Association) and the gaining of informed consent.

The interviews are not recorded, our associate simply makes extensive notes. The members of staff are assured that nothing in the final report will identify them as an individual. We explain that we are looking for commonalities of experience and will make our recommendations based on those.

The workload case-study is one of our most popular services. School staff value being given the chance to speak anonymously, and without judgement, about what causes their workload stress. They also find it quite cathartic and appreciate that their senior team are invested in truly interested in workload reduction and staff well-being.

The final report is an assimilation of the data collected and includes recommendations for future practice. It can be used in a SEF, shared with governors and built into future planning.

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